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    App Challenge On The Other Side i.e https://www.dvlup.com/Challenge/409#

    I want to partcipate in the App Challenge "On The Other Side" (
    https://www.dvlup.com/Challenge/409#) i.e using Here Maps.

    Please help me by giving suggestions as to How to get started.

    Earlier I have built all the apps upoaded at

    https://github.com/DrJukka/NokiaX_Maps and all are working fine.

    Please give me tips and suggestions to get started.


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    Re: App Challenge On The Other Side i.e https://www.dvlup.com/Challenge/409#

    You may want to read the challenge description and implement the functionalities from the bullet-list (lists, if you like). That is a good starting point.
    Otherwise yes, Jukka could certainly qualify for this challenge, just he is working for Nokia thus he probably should not participate. It will not affect your participation anyway.

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