I'm trying to implement the Local Blending from the Nokia Imaging SDK. The code provided in this page uses StorageFileImageSource to load the images but I've change it with StreamImageSource. Can I do it? Becouse I'm getting no errors.

Here's my code:
var streamResourceInfoBackground = new StreamResourceInfo(e.ChosenPhotoList[0].ImageStream, null);
var streamResourceInfoForeground = new StreamResourceInfo(e.ChosenPhotoList[1].ImageStream, null);
var streamResourceInfoForegroundMask = new StreamResourceInfo(e.ChosenPhotoList[2].ImageStream, null);

using (var backgroundSource = new StreamImageSource(streamResourceInfoBackground.Stream))
using (var foregroundImageSource = new StreamImageSource(streamResourceInfoForeground.Stream))
using (var foregroundMaskSource = new StreamImageSource(streamResourceInfoForegroundMask.Stream))
using (var filterEffect = new FilterEffect(backgroundSource))
using (var blendFilter = new BlendFilter(foregroundImageSource))
using (var renderer = new BitmapRenderer(filterEffect))
    blendFilter.MaskSource = foregroundMaskSource;
    blendFilter.BlendFunction = BlendFunction.Normal;
    blendFilter.TargetArea = new Windows.Foundation.Rect(0, 0.48, 0.3, 0.3);
    blendFilter.TargetAreaRotation = -3;
    blendFilter.TargetOutputOption = OutputOption.PreserveAspectRatio;
    filterEffect.Filters = new IFilter[] { blendFilter };
    var buffer = await renderer.RenderAsync();
    fullScreenImg.Source = buffer;
But the main problem is that the "buffer" is Nokia.Graphics.Imaging.Bitmap, so how can I show it in an image control?