I have Python 2.0 Runtime installed on Symbian S60v3. I created a simple application which uses sockets to connect to internet in python and turned it to .SIS file using Ensymble. When I start the application it automatically attempts to connect to network through default "Access point".

After it connects, I'm not able to able to change the access point through this code:
def access_point():
    # select the default access point.
    # return True if the selection was done or False if not
    # returns a list of all the available access point ids and their names
    aps = socket.access_points()
    if not aps:
        appuifw.note(u"No access points available", "error")
        return False
    ap_labels = map(lambda x: x['name'], aps)
    item = appuifw.popup_menu(ap_labels, u"Access points:")

    # check if selection was made
    if item is None:
        return False

    # sets the default access point to be used when the socket is opened and starts the connection

    return True
But if I don't let the application connect to a network on start-up then I'm able to use the selected "Access point". My questions are:

Is it possible not to let the application automatically attempt to connect to Internet?
How can I switch Access points and turn those off which aren't in use?