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    Question first app for java unable to develop any help???

    hello I am new to developing java APPS for nokia asha phones. I do have some experience in developing for web apps.
    Could anyone provide details on how to create a trivia app using java. I already have trivia web apps developed by myself. I tried to search for samples but could not fend any.
    Could you also provide a step by step list on
    1. how to create a trivia app using nokia ide for java me?
    2. run an example found on the nokia website e.g., frozen bubbles?
    Thanks for the help

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    Re: first app for java unable to develop any help???

    Start with the "getting started" tips: http://developer.nokia.com/asha/java...rted-nokia-ide

    Once you've gone through that successfully, you know how to set up the tools, how to get apps working/running in the emulator and on a device.

    After that, you can continue with trying to get other example apps compiled and running. If you have specific problems with examples like frozen bubbles, come back with more details regarding the problems you have (e.g., what errors do you get when trying to compile, or what problems you have getting a compiled version to run or installed, etc.).

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