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    Display PDF file in web browser in windows phone

    How to display pdf and epub files in web browser in windows phone ?

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    Re: Display PDF file in web browser in windows phone

    The web browser does not support inline display. You can only launch a PDF file and it will show up in the installed PDF Viewer App. The same is true for epub files. If no suitable App is installed the user will be taken to the store to install one.

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    Re: Display PDF file in web browser in windows phone

    There IS an inline PDF viewer called pdf.js. However, the website must be using it to display pdfs in their own website. You can't just run it yourself. (Except for Mozilla Firefox on desktop... it's built-in)

    You can try a live demo on the pdf.js project site: http://mozilla.github.io/pdf.js/web/viewer.html

    It works on my Lumia 920... somewhat. Pinch-zoom does not zoom the pdf... you have to use the zoom (+/-) keys. But with some work, you can edit the javascript to make it work better with ie10 mobile.

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