Hi all... I recently discovered that contrary to the symbian docs on www.symbian.com CDirectScreenAccess is indeed available since 6.1 not just since 7.0 like the docs say!!
Having said that, I am feverishly working on a general game framework/engine for fast arcade games. Initial results look GOOOD! My goal is to make it easy for game programmers that never did cell phone stuff, to come up to speed quickly and to encapsulate all the little nitty gritty details to make things a bit less tedious.
Currently (still very early) I have a graphics class with functions like:
// do your drawing here

This, I am sure looks a lot more familiar to console game programmers. The engine will be free with proper credit. Currently I am looking for volunteers to give me some input and maybe try to use it.

I will incorporate how to build apps with this engine into my tutorial on my website http://www.hipergames.com for everyone to enjoy.
Greetings and happy coding, Alex