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    Question Nokia Asha 305 Sound problem

    I am developing an app for Nokia Asha 305. I am playing a
    *.midi file in my app in case of an incoming call "pauseApp()"
    method in midlet is not being evoked, also after the call is ended
    when my app tries to play sound in "showNotify()" method the player
    is generating "javax.microedition.media.MediaException: Sounds not
    allowed" exception.

    Please tell me how to handle incoming call event in Nokia Asha 305.

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    Re: Nokia Asha 305 Sound problem

    Moved to the Java boards. Even in the case you got this as a QA report, this question has little to do with publishing.
    The text, javax.microedition.media.MediaException: Sounds not allowed seems to be specific enough, have you tried searching for it (Bing, Google, etc.)?

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    Re: Nokia Asha 305 Sound problem

    Thank you sir for the reply. I wanted to know that in case of an incoming call what is the behavior of Nokia Asha 305? Does pauseApp() method of midlet is called or not? If not do I have to handle sound player operations on show and hide notify methods only?

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    Re: Nokia Asha 305 Sound problem

    I would suggest always implement both pauseApp of a midlet and hideNotify of the canvas and treat them the same (but make sure you only react to them once if both are called one after the other).
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