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    Nokia Asha SDK 1.2 beta Emulator crashed on startup

    Hi, I'd like to test some of my projects using the Asha emulator but unfortunately upon start-up it crashes or is failed to launch.

    I saw a message in the command prompt before it crashes, like "emulator terminated..."

    Currently I am using the Nokia SDK 2.0 Emulator, and it works well.

    Any suggestions? I have met the Nokia SDK 2.0 requirements, so I was expecting that the Asha 1.2 beta would work too, or what am I missing?

    Thank you for your kind response!

    Using: Windows 8.0, JDK8, Java7

    Edit: Problem Resolved, Please Delete or Close this Thread, Thank you!
    Last edited by dzebb; 2014-04-18 at 15:07.

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