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    Nokia Imaging SDK for VisualBasic


    I am writing in the name of our community which are very happy with DotNet VB development.

    We have still problems while using samples of Nokias Imaging SDK with C# solution and also with VB.Net. I could not get the samples running. Most not in case of C# and VB issue but in case of ARM CPU architecture, errors on SDK or VisualStudio main errors after downloading the SDK by NuGet package manager.

    I thought, I was the only one but now I talked with some people and I recognized, that others just trashed the idea to use Nokia Image SDK.

    I am asking now if anyone can create some very simple VB.Net VS2012 compatible Windows Phone applications where NokiaImagingSDK from NuGet get be downloaded and filters will be used.
    Download VB sample project for Filter Effects > Double click > Run in emulator
    Download VB sample project for manually camera exposure time setup > Double click > Run in emulator.

    Thanks for help

    Current state:
    The offical project sample from HERE throws several error. Still after rebuilding, NugetUpdate and repairing errors, it becomes to be hard to get it work.

    ... or after updating all, the C# still throws any error:

    The same project converted to Visual Basic throws a lot more other faults while building does not work.
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