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    Question Target area on Local Blending


    I'm playing with the updated Imaging SDK v. 1.2 beta and I'm having some trouble trying to get the local blending target area to work.

    I have everything in place: background image, foreground image and foreground mask but I'm unable to blend the foreground image into the target area I want to on the background image. What coordinates should I specify to the TargetArea property for the blend filter for an image of 3072x1728 px if I want the target area to be a 500x500 px area for x=800 and y=200?


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    Re: Target area on Local Blending

    My impression is that you need two filters for that, a ReframingFilter could be used to move and scale foreground image, and then you can do the blending.

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    Re: Target area on Local Blending

    Thanks Wizard!

    I use the foreground mask to specify what part of the foreground image I want to blend with the background image. I just can't seem to specify the blending target area right on the background image, the blending is performed in another area I would like to.

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