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    How to work with MultiScaleImage Source?

    My aim is: after user click on an url, it'll download all images and show the first image and user can pan left, right to view others image. It's seem that control MultiScaleImage is the best control that I can use but I can't find any good example about this. All example is load only 1 image or load image from output.xml, but they didn't provide format for that file. I'm trying to parse a collection to source but I can't get it work
    XAML: <MultiScaleImage Name="msi"/>
    ImageFile myImage = new ImageFile();
    List<ImageFile> lst = new List<ImageFile>();
    msi.Source = lst;
    Error show: Cannot implicitly convert type 'System.Collections.Generic.List<ImageFile>' to 'System.Windows.Media.MultiScaleTileSource'
    Searching with MultiScaleTileSource seems no use too

    How can I fix this or make MultiScaleImage work? Any suggestion about my work: change control, change my method, use third party control...?
    Thank you

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    Re: How to work with MultiScaleImage Source?

    To use MultiSCaleImage, you need to inplement a MultiScaleTileSource which translate zoom,tile_X,tile_y coordinate to an url.

    So, it's MultiScaleImage which will download tile. I don't know if a multiscalesource can return bitmap instead of url. documentation say you should return string url.
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    Re: How to work with MultiScaleImage Source?

    Does MultiScaleImage support local URIs that point to Isolated Storage? In that case pictures could be downloaded there and the URIs pointing to those images could be used as source.

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