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    Question Bluetooth Low Energy (LE/4.0)?

    I have a 520, 620, and 820. Do any of these support Bluetooth LE (.4.0)? My 520 has Windows 8.1 for it and it can find non-LE Bluetooth devices, but it can't see my Bluetooth LE device while my Surface 2 can (so I know the LE device is discoverable). How do I get Bluetooth LE on at least one of my phones?

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    Re: Bluetooth Low Energy (LE/4.0)?

    As far as I remember all x20 Lumia's have Bluetooth 4.0 LE capability. This is however currently implemented using Nokia's own Bluetooth Stack and therefore only available with a special SDK only available to select partners. Windows Phone 8.1 does have Bluetooth 4.0 LE support as well but it's dependent on OEM specific drivers. As the Developer Preview only updated Microsoft's code but not OEM drivers, Bluetooth 4.0 LE can't be tested with the developer preview.

    I fear you will have to wait for the official update to Windows Phone 8.1 to be rolled out (Nokia Cyan).

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