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    Crop filter with JpegRenderer not working


    I am trying to do a square (1:1) crop of an image that came from a 16:9 or 4:3 source and use the JpegRenderer to make an image stream for saving to disk. Unfortunately, instead of doing a square crop, JpegRenderer is just squishing the image to fit into a 1:1 space. Can the JpegRenderer handle an aspect ratio change, or do I have to render it to an intermediate object before rendering it out to jpeg? Thank you for any help!

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    Re: Crop filter with JpegRenderer not working

    A renderer is not a filter, "This renders the resulting image into a certain format or container for application consumption.". It will use the entire input for producing the output (behavior for changed aspect ratio is controlled via http://developer.nokia.com/resources...-property.html). For cropping, I would suggest the Crop filter (from http://developer.nokia.com/resources...Ref/index.html).
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    Re: Crop filter with JpegRenderer not working

    Thank you for your response. I'm sorry for not being clear, I was using a CropFilter, and then rendering the image out using JpegRenderer. I found that my logic worked fine if I was using a normal FilterEffect, but if I used a CustomEffect, the output would be squished.

    I have no solution for this issue, so I decided to go back to my old code of using WriteableBitmapRenderer and then calling wb.SaveJpeg(). I've found that rendering to a WB, running my NEON image processing code on wb.Pixels, then calling wb.SaveJpeg() is actally faster than using a CustomFilter, running my NEON code in OnProcess(), and using JpegRenderer to write the jpeg stream. There is a bit more memory overhead, however.

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    Re: Crop filter with JpegRenderer not working

    Can you explain how you create your pipeline? I've understand this :
    camera prview buffer->bitmap->BitmapImageSource-> cropfilter-> customeffect ->jpegrender

    But result is not cropped but scaled.

    Have you try reframingfilter instead of cropfilter?

    Have you a sample to test? maybe it"s a bug with customeffect use.

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