as a poly composer for a mobile content company i make mp3 previews of all tones available on our website.

i have been recording all mp3 previews through the hands free socket of a 3510, but instead would like to use the "PC suite 5" software that came on a CD with a 6610, as this would save time by avoiding having to download all tones to the phone.

the output of the pc suite software however does not provide a close enough representation of the 3510 to be usable in a sales preview capacity as it has lots of frequencies that just are not achievable from the speaker on a 3510 (although the timbre of each .

i am going to batch convert (with eq/filters) all previews in wavelab to make them sound like real 3510 recordings.

has anybody had similar experiences or can you recommend any tips to help me acheive my goals to the highest possible standard?

is there an PC suite equivalent software that i could do the same thing with a 7650?