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    Question Tell phone to get audio input from its mic instead of headset jack?

    I have a robot that connects to a smart phone via the phone's headset jack for bi-directional communications. The robot has a mic that I can use that will send audio received from its mic to the phone. It works fine except there is a loud low hum coming over the line. The hum does not change at all by varying my location in my home so it looks like it's the bot, or some impedance match or something between the bot and the phone. Is there a way to tell the Lumia phone from C# to get audio input from it's microphone instead of from the headset jack? That would solve the problem for me.

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    Re: Tell phone to get audio input from its mic instead of headset jack?

    You may want to check if using a 3-way (simple stereo headphone) connector solves the task. I simply can not test, as it turns out I have only headsets around (with 4-way connector), but I remember that the older, S60/Symbian devices recognize the different connectors automatically (and display some message like "Use built-in microphone", when connecting a headphone).

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    Re: Tell phone to get audio input from its mic instead of headset jack?

    I'd suggest having a look at the connector from the robot in comparison to the one of the included headset. I recently talked to someone who had issues with an Apple headset on his Lumia and in the end it came down to the headphone jack not going completely into the socket which in turn created the hum (two connectors were bridged).

    Aside from that you could try to isolate that frequency and filter it with a low pass filter. I know of no finished library for this so it's not an easy task at the moment.

    I know of no method to programmatically switch which Microphone is being used.

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