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    Suggestion for Nokia Lumia phones

    Hi, i'm come from malaysia which having some
    > opinion for targeting back the market of smartphones. Nokia is the
    > devices which
    > come first with quality. however, it lack of apps to support and
    > attract the
    > market by lauch the new phones. Apps can be one of the marketing
    > strategy to
    > target customers and through word of mouth by customers it can be take
    > back the
    > market example that apple also because come with angry bird which to
    > enter the
    > market in malaysia. therefore, i got an idea for new apps which i
    > thinking of
    > myself which the new generation like social apps and this apps is
    > design for
    > couple or anyone. this apps is for you to birth ur baby in the phones
    > which
    > starting by insert the pic of u and ur partner to create the baby and
    > it can run
    > in 2 devices. beside that, the baby will look like u and u can be
    > connect with
    > the baby which u nid to feed the baby or clean and bath for it. then
    > the baby
    > will grow and continues..... in this apps, it will having notification
    > to alert
    > u that u nid to feed for baby even in midnight, beside that, we also
    > can design
    > one special thing is u can sing song to baby and shake ur phones mean
    > like to
    > love ur baby wen they are crying. in the apps there is also a chatbox
    > for both
    > of u to mes and play with baby like the nokia cortana. beside couple,
    > it also
    > having single mode which u can search for ur partner in the apps and
    > ask
    > permission as ur partner to continue the game. all of this is just
    > roughly write
    > and i poor in english so many detail hard to speech here. once done
    > with this
    > apps, starting can lauch a lumia devides which can support this and
    > the name can
    > call for lumia love or lumia baby to enter the markets. i hope that u
    > will read
    > it and even can get ur feedback or recommendation for my idea.
    > lastly,thx for u
    > to read it

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    Re: Suggestion for Nokia Lumia phones

    Nokia Developer is a support site for 3rd party software developers, so if you want to create an application you will find tools, documentation and a helpful community here. But people who create the phones, are not here.
    As I understand your idea is a kind of 2-player "Tamagotchi" (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tamagotchi), and yes, it is possible to implement such application for Nokia Lumia devices, perhaps with the help of Windows Azure services (for random events and push notifications).

    On a side note I would like to add that your post is just ugly, pasting it this way (a Reply-quotation from some mailer) does not give the impression that you are really caring about your idea.

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