Hi, I've developed an application to send polyphonic ringtones via WAP to handsets. Basically the handset is sent the Midi file with HTTP-header Content-type: audio/midi. Everything plays ok, the handset can save the ringtone etc, but the problem is the ringtone title.

When the phone is playing the ringtone (before saving) it displays "No title for tone' (e.g. on Nokia7210). And when saving, it presents "No title" as starting point for the ringtone name.

How can I influence the title that the handset picks up?

The Midi format allows to include title information, but apparently the use of that field in the Midi file is not standardised internationally (In Japan it has been agreed with handset mfg, but not internationally). So how can I tell the handset what title to use?

I tried OMA Download OTA with a Download Descriptor, but that is not supported (yet) by most phones, I think. Is there another method?

I'd appreciate any hints and tips a lot!