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Thread: Android Apps

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    Android Apps

    how to install my Android Apps on Nokia X store and mobile?
    help me and i ask one question that Nokia X is fully Android OR NOT.

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    Re: Android Apps

    To publish your android apps on Nokia store simply go to http://publish.nokia.com and sing up if you don't have an account already then simply follow the steps after clicking the "+publish app" button.
    Nokia X is 100% AOSP compliant which is the Android Open Source Project, it does NOT come with Google services & APIs instead it comes with Nokia & MS service and APIs so for instance if your using Google push notification you need to change that to Nokia push notification, same goes for In-APP, Maps, etc.
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    Re: Android Apps

    before heading to the publish, do visit: http://developer.nokia.com/nokia-x/get-started and most importantly do check the analyser: http://developer.nokia.com/nokia-x/analyse/

    There are some Google APIs often supported by android devices, which are not supported by Nokia X platform, and the analyser would give you a good information whether your application is using those APIs.

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