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    [moved] Nokia Asha / J2me SSL Certification Error for web request

    Dear support,

    While we are trying to access API's through HTTP/HTTPS we are getting exception with the below message. But we are trying the same URL's in other platforms (LUMIA) we are getting proper response and not getting any errors. While we are searching we found this issue is related to SSL but we could not find any more details or solutions to resolve the same. Please help us to resolve this issue.

    Please find the details below:

    Tested platform/Device:
    Nokia Asha Softwate Platform 1.0, 1.1/ Asha 501

    Exception arised while try:
    java.io.IOException: Alert (2,40)type:22
    at com.sun.midp.ssl.RecordReader.rdRec(), bci=224
    at com.sun.midp.ssl.Handshake.getNextMsg(), bci=10
    at com.sun.midp.ssl.Handshake.rcvSrvrHello(), bci=2
    at com.sun.midp.ssl.Handshake.doHandShake(), bci=25
    at com.sun.midp.ssl.SSLStreamConnection.<init>(), bci=163
    at com.sun.midp.io.j2me.https.Protocol.connect(), bci=245
    at com.sun.midp.io.j2me.http.Protocol.streamConnect(), bci=48
    at com.sun.midp.io.j2me.http.Protocol.startRequest(), bci=7
    at com.sun.midp.io.j2me.http.Protocol.sendRequest(), bci=41
    at com.sun.midp.io.j2me.http.Protocol.sendRequest(), bci=3
    at com.sun.midp.io.j2me.http.Protocol.getResponseCode(), bci=5
    - com.ascenso.jumia.network.HttpClient.sendRequest(HttpClient.java:157)
    - com.ascenso.jumia.network.HttpClient.run(HttpClient.java:415)
    at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:723)

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    Re: Nokia Asha / J2me SSL Certification Error for web request

    Hello Sjraj,

    I'm afraid you are not the first one to come across this, check out this thread http://developer.nokia.com/community...901#post938901
    In fact I have the same issue with one of my apps which completely halt development of it, the problem is that the server sends out the handshake in a crypto that the phone JVM does not support.
    I also wish for us to get an answer/solution for this asap.
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