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    NFC forcibly disabled - Tags no longer recognized

    I have a Lumia 820 I've been developing on for months. I recently implemented the NFC portion of my app (adjusted from a component project). Everything worked well in my component project ( a very simple tag message reader/writer). However, in the new app, the deviceArrived event never fires. In fact after this, for some reason, my NFC capabilities seem to be disabled. My phone no longer 'rings' when coming into contact with any tag. Even official NFC writer/reader apps don't recognize tags anymore. I know the capabilities are turned on for the project, and NFC is turned on on my phone. I have no idea what could have happened, as this now appears catastrophic (presenting this app in a weeks time). Does anyone have any suggestions? Similar situations? Any and all help appreciated.
    Factory reset did not help - its still not recognizing NFC tags.

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    Re: NFC forcibly disabled - Tags no longer recognized

    By any chace, have you installed the WP 8.1 developer preview? It may have some side effects.

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    Re: NFC forcibly disabled - Tags no longer recognized

    The preview might cause such issues although I've not heard of anything like it. NFC seems to work fine in the preview. I'd guess that the 820 is defective. Perhaps you could have someone you know try the App on another device for verification.

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