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    Which Lumia's NFC Controller is NXP PN547 ?


    Windows phone 8.1 release new NFC features for Raw Access and Card Emulation, but it need new driver and NFC controller must be PN547.
    Could you kindly tell us which Lumia's NFC controller is PN547 , and when will we get the new driver updated ?

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    Re: Which Lumia's NFC Controller is NXP PN547 ?

    The updates are going to be rolled out over the summer. There have no exact dates been anounced but rumours point to the rollout starting this month with higher end devices reaching lower end devices later. The Lumia 930 should also arrive in stores soon and will have the updated drivers from the get go.

    As for which phones contain the chip you mentioned I don't know if that information is available in a compiled form somewhere.

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