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    Re: [Split]record a video of the filtered camera source

    Hi, I have tried the resolution at the lowest supported (640x360) and it makes no difference?, with a filter enabled the preview flashes between frames from the camera feed... Not sure what else it could be, also just to note the Surface RTcamera format is YUY2. Thanks.

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    Re: [Split]record a video of the filtered camera source

    I wish I could test it myself and step through the code... but I don't have a Surface tablet at all. If you'd like to send one to me...?

    Another thing I thought of: when I crashed the app on my Lumia, the phone wouldn't behave properly until I performed a device reset. It really messes up the device. It might be worth it to do a full reset on your Surface and then try the app using the lowest resolution from the beginning... (hardcode it so it defaults to the lowest). You could also reduce the canvas size so that the video doesn't take up the entire screen.

    Other than that, I couldn't say what is happening for sure. The phones use a "Low-Latency" recording mode for normal video recording. I haven't been able to find out exactly what that is, but I'm guessing there's a special piece of hardware that bypasses the regular CPU and converts the camera video to the right format and dumps it onto your file system. If you use a filter, it suddenly has to process all the video using the CPU and is MUCH slower. Perhaps the Surface can't even handle video at 640x360 without using the low-latency mode...

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    Re: Windows Phone 8.1 Windows.Media.Capture API and Preview Frames

    Hi, I could setup remote debug to my Surface? so you can have a look, it is the preview that seems to have issues, if I save out the preview source to a bmp it has the correct camera image but unfiltered, I also implemented lowlag recording but that does not make much difference.
    The preview just does not update with the camera feed, I can get it to record and it records the camera correctly but with no filters...? Thanks

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