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Thread: NOKIA N95 8gb

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    Angry NOKIA N95 8gb

    Hi everyone'
    My name is sandra
    my first time here and not good with Symbian phone . I need help and does anyone know on how to convert my NOKIA N95 8gb Symbian OS to Symbian OS 9.x 1. OR higher please
    I dont know if that is possible but if yes can anyone tell me how please
    thank you

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    Re: NOKIA N95 8gb

    Hi, the Nokia N95 8GB is already running Symbian OS v9.2, as part of the S60 3rd edition Feature Pack 1 platform. The related Nokia page is long gone, so here is one from Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nokia_N95
    Changing the operating system of any Nokia device is not supported officially, but in this case it does not seem to be necessary anyway.
    It may be worth pointing out here that http://www.nokia.com/discussions (still) caters discussions about Nokia N-series devices, your user and password are the same as here.

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