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    Generating Transparent Tiles as PNGs in Background Agent - Memory Contraints

    Hi Have an app that generate a custom tile in the background agent. Currently as a JPG but for WP8.1 I need to generate as a PNG to allow it be to transparent.

    But... have not yet managed to do this without memory issues. When creating a JPG used about 8M memory, but the same code but altered to create a PNG (using ToolstackPNGWriter) goes to 15M. Not even close to the 11M maximum allowed.

    Just wondering what others have done/are using to achieve this.
    Or maybe I'm doing something wrong in how I call the PNGWriter.

    - thanks

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    Re: Generating Transparent Tiles as PNGs in Background Agent - Memory Contraints

    Are you using images with proper resolution? Based on the tile sizes on http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/libr...v=vs.105).aspx, a 32-bit RGBA, uncompressed set would be (691x336 + 336x336 + 159x159)*4=1481412 bytes. So even if you generate images for all 3 tile sizes, and do not compress them all, that would consume around 1.5 megabytes of memory.

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    Re: Generating Transparent Tiles as PNGs in Background Agent - Memory Contraints

    Also, what is the code doing, can you give an overview of how you're generating images?

    If you do too much work or processing before the image generations, you can run out of memory. It's always best to clean up as you go along ie. set properties to Null, use GC.

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