I have used HERE Maps, Drive+ on a Nokia Lumia 920 and I have a few Collections, Favorites, locations etc stored and I can access these (look at, do minor edits) from the HERE Maps Collections web page, but I want to go further.

When a user (me, some other) is logged in (on a desktop Windows 7, 8 machine) to HERE Collections (http://here.com/collections) with either Nokia Account or Microsoft Account, it would be useful to extract simple information for later use, or just for information purposes.

Which API would be used? I assumed it would be the REST Places API.

The useful metadata / data is the Collection name, its ?description "(What's the collection about?"), and the Place or point information its Name (eg, "AVIS, Rome"), its description ("What's the collected item about"), what appears to be an index (eg, 31), and its latitude, longitude position.

I would prefer to use .NET on a Windows desktop environment initially (before WP8, WP8.1) to collate and present these data. I also assume I need to get to grips with the credentialing / logon, which will be different for Windows desktop and WP platforms.