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    Question Backup Nokia Developer Wiki

    How do i download all Symbian related wiki documentation all once?Now that development tools is gone,device documentation is gone,example project is gone.It is matter of time before wiki is also gone.So how do i download.Development tools can be shared among developers bu wiki is an effort of multiple developers.With Symbian history spanning more than a decade,there is a lot can be learn from wiki documentation.

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    Re: Backup Nokia Developer Wiki

    I would like to point out that the content and sample apps we've removed have all been authored by Nokia personnel.

    As for downloading what remains, I can't really comment on that other than to note that you should consider the legal ramifications of how you plan to reuse the content in addition to the question of how you'd do it.

    I agree that the Symbian wiki content is valuable and impressive.
    How can I help?


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    Re: Backup Nokia Developer Wiki

    Quote Originally Posted by babylongreece View Post
    How do i download all Symbian related wiki documentation all once?
    With this tool, for example (in HTML as received by your browser): https://www.gnu.org/software/wget/

    Getting a dump of the wiki in original wiki source format would require that someone with administrative privileges to the system does or allows it.

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    Re: Backup Nokia Developer Wiki

    Speaking of mirroring tools, http://www.httrack.com/ may be worth consideration too.

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