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    Question Clearing record store on emulator

    Please does anyone of you know how to clear the RecordStore in the NetBeans Emulator?? I found this , but the solution in that post suggests using an option that it is not available in the version I'm using (netbeans-7.1.1 and jdk-6u23)

    The strange thing about this is that when I installed this very same version on my pc at work and at home it works as expected, that is , every time I run an application RMS is clear, but now that it's time for QA to test my application I give them the same installers I used, but the emulator they have keep the RMS even if I close the emulator. Perhaps this is a configuration thing. To be honest I don't understand what might be happening because as I told you I've already installed this emulator in up to 4 computers with the only difference that in those four computers where the emulator works as expected I have also installed the Nokia sdk (S40_6th). I didn't give them also the nokia installer because I don't use it.

    Now three people need to test my app at the same time and we only have one physical device,the one I used for development, the other two will have to use the emulator. The problem is that RMS won't be clear no matter what I do.

    Your comments and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Clearing record store on emulator

    I am not sure why you are having this problem,as a last resort you could have a test version of the app where you clear the Recordstore using code


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