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    Question Clearing record store on emulator

    Please does anyone of you know how to clear the RecordStore in the NetBeans Emulator?? I found this , but the solution in that post suggests using an option that it is not available in the version I'm using (netbeans-7.1.1 and jdk-6u23)

    The strange thing about this is that when I installed this very same version on my pc at work and at home it works as expected, that is , every time I run an application RMS is clear, but now that it's time for QA to test my application I give them the same installers I used, but the emulator they have keep the RMS even if I close the emulator. Perhaps this is a configuration thing. To be honest I don't understand what might be happening because as I told you I've already installed this emulator in up to 4 computers with the only difference that in those four computers where the emulator works as expected I have also installed the Nokia sdk (S40_6th). I didn't give them also the nokia installer because I don't use it.

    Now three people need to test my app at the same time and we only have one physical device,the one I used for development, the other two will have to use the emulator. The problem is that RMS won't be clear no matter what I do.

    Your comments and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Clearing record store on emulator

    I am not sure why you are having this problem,as a last resort you could have a test version of the app where you clear the Recordstore using code


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    Re: Clearing record store on emulator

    Hello Axel,

    Let me start by saying I don't know if there is a nice way to clear the RMS in Oracle SDK 3.x since it doesn't have the same utilities app that comes with Oracle 2.5.x SDK (which I think you can use since I don't think there is any API changes that you use)
    however if you must work with 3.x versions you can go to the installed dir and in it look at the different directories till you find folders such as root1 and etc.
    this is the file system of the emulator your in (note that there could be several emulators) and you can simply delete the private section of each of these folders which will clear all the private data and that includes the RMS.
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