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    Lightbulb New 3D printer on the market?

    Hey guys.
    I'm really new to this whole 3D printer thing, however I'm interested in buying one actually. After searching around for models, types etc,
    there was one in particular that cought my eye, I'ts totally fresh and seems alot more advanced than what I've seen so far:


    Tell me about your oppinions!

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    Re: New 3D printer on the market?

    My opinion is that the device is just pretty and it may also work well. However as they are shipping the first batch next month, actual 3rd-party usage experiences hardly exist. I also like that it comes from Budapest, which has not much to do with its usability, but may be a reason for the modest price.

    Actually it was some time ago when this 3D printing topic was active here, now it is not pushed too much any more, for example as far as I know the casing models are not available for the latest Nokia models. Presumably this is why there are not any comments around.

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