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    Angry Push Notification API not working

    As suggested by the documentation at http://developer.nokia.com/resources...r-web-app.html

    I tried implementing the Push javascript in my app however the 'navigator.push.register' returns undefined.

    Even if my application ID were invalid (which it is not) it should atleast show the onerror event which it wont since 'navigator.push.register' is undefined.

    I tested this using the Nokia Asha Web App Simulator included with Nokia WDE 3.1


    using Nokia Remote Device Access on the Asha 501.

    Am I missing something. Please let me know.

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    Re: Push Notification API not working

    I am not familiar with the topic, but as the Wiki article explicitly mentions the requirement of adding that version setting to config.xml, I can imagine that it contains/implies a lower version by default. You may want to double-check if the setting is really there.

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