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    In App purchase.

    I am developing an app that helps spanish speakers to learn English.
    I would like the provide the app for free and then make use In-App purchase so that the users can view the full features of the App. Say for example In the free version the user will see the first form with some tutorials. If the user pays via In-App purchase then he or she will be able to access other forms that provide more tutorials and phrases. How can I implement that?
    I tried using the sample code which comes with the In-App SDK and failed. Please help perhaps with a small sample code to get me started. Thanks in advance
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    Re: In App purchase.

    If you failed with the sample code that comes with the In-App purchase SDK why would any other sample code that we provide works for you?
    You need to give out more details as to where you failed, how, what exception are you getting, etc.
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    Re: In App purchase.

    Hey I managed to work it out. The App is now in quality assurance. I prayed to the LORD and He helped me. If there is anyone out there with the same issue I am ready to provide step by step tutorial on how to integrate IAP for Asha. The challenge is that we developers must develop cool apps. No user user will buy a mediocre app.

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    Re: In App purchase.

    Given that Asha/Series 40 IAP development will become obsoleted in 7 months, providing the list of prayers for integration probably will not be necessary. But thanks, anyway.

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