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    HTTPConnection with jsessionid problem

    Hi all,
    My midlet connect correctly to servlet on POST the first time but the 2th i have the problem

    the step are this
    1) connect
    2) openoutput send and servlet recive correctly
    3)openinput and the midlet recive correctly the sessionid
    The print of conn.getType() are correct text/plain

    The secon time
    1) connect with ;jsessionid=..... and the servlet recognized the client
    2) openoutput send and the servlet don't recive my message but recive "http/1.1\n"
    3)open input and the midlet recive IOException malformed response message
    The print of conn.getType() are null

    I usa a separate thread for connection

    Ask anyone have an idea for solving this problem??

    Ciao Alessio.

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    What phone model and software version are you facing the problem on. Please also post your code for further investigation.

    [N]/Forum Nokia

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    Tank's for your attention but I have just solved.

    I don't know why, but in the post method i must set the content length only if use a session.

    ciao Alessio.

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