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    Magnetometer Hardware Specs

    I have a few questions:
    • How many bits is the analog-to-digital converter on Nokia magnetometers?
    • Are any filters used as magnetometer data is gathered?
    • Are there calibration reports available for the magnetometers?

    My research group is trying to build an application and we need this information... My first question is the most immediate.

    I assume that the answer is "hardware specs are Nokia property", but I was hoping my institution could work out some sort of deal.
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    Re: Magnetometer Hardware Specs

    I would imagine that the components also vary somewhat by model, so you'd need to state which phone models you're interested in, and then find in Microsoft the correct group and persons that know the specs for that particular piece of equipment (assuming such a person still works there), or at least knows enough how and where to find out + also the willingness to go through the organization to find also someone who'd have enough influence so that they can give the permission to share such details (not normally divulged).

    Given the limited activity and use of these forums from within the company (and maybe even less now that it is Microsoft that owns what was formerly Nokia's devices organization), the likelihood of finding someone with the channels and methods to answer you, is probably not very high.

    You might wish to consider doing your research on some other manufacturer's device; e.g., Jolla or some other small vendor where the "red tape" might not be as strong, and where simply by the size and structure of the company, getting answers for details like that have better chances of succeeding. In other words, does your research really have to be conducted using Nokia/Microsoft phones?

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    Re: Magnetometer Hardware Specs

    Thanks for the tip. I was hoping to get an idea of how accurate each magnetometer is via its a-to-d converter. I have contacted Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, and several other larger companies, but with no help and no prospect of getting an answer. Your idea of contacting a smaller vender like Jolla is a good one. I will try it out. Thanks!

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