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    Exclamation Nokia MixRadio REST API - usage

    We have a ClientID and when we try to use the REST API to http://api.mixrad.io/1.x/us/?categor...t_id=CLIENT_ID from a web-browser, we're able to obtain a JSON of songs for the country.

    However, the same request through a programmatic CURL call results in the following error :
    {"statuscode":401,"type":"error","message":"API token missing or invalid"}

    What does the request specifically have to pass in its' headers ?

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    Re: Nokia MixRadio REST API - usage


    You're able to call the API from the browser, but not curl? Are you sure you're using the same URI in both cases (especially query string contain id param)? No headers are required, and your browser wouldn't know to send them anyway.


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