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    Can I use Nokia Asha browser without carrier account?

    I'm a U.S. developer and I want to test a mobile web application I'm developing on a Nokia Asha 501 to ensure that my emerging world customers will have a good experience. As I understand it, the 501's built-in browser is a WAP browser which means that it will route all requests through a Nokia proxy server. Now the way I test currently is that I'll connect each of my mobile devices to my local wi-fi network and test against my local development web server. None of these devices have SIMs with carrier accounts. Everything thing is done on the local wi-fi network generated by my Verizon Personal Hotspot.

    Will I need a carrier account to test against the Asha 501? It looks like it needs to route everything through a Nokia proxy server. Or, in my case, would the Asha browser still be able to send requests to a Nokia proxy out on the Internet via my wi-fi network and then that server would send the request back to my local web server? I suspect that this is not going to work and that I'm going to need some type of carrier account and that I would also then need to test against a copy of my site that sits on my live production site on the Internet, but I'm not sure.

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    Re: Can I use Nokia Asha browser without carrier account?

    Honestly said I do not know the complete answer to your question, however the Nokia Asha 501 (http://developer.nokia.com/devices/d...nokia-asha-501) has WiFi support (see Connectivity) and certainly does not need a SIM card for browsing the Web.
    In Browser category you will see that CSS, HTML, XHTML and JavaScript are supported, it is absolutely not a WAP browser. However it is true that Nokia Asha Web Apps (http://developer.nokia.com/asha/web, http://developer.nokia.com/community...web_apps_-_FAQ) use a proxy server for running most JavaScript parts of an application (some things are still running locally, see http://developer.nokia.com/resources...l-methods.html).
    The part which I do not know how arbitrary Web pages are browsed, it may happen that JavaScript is executed on the proxy server all the time. In this case you will need Internet access (via WLAN) for testing with the device, even if the server is running locally. In the worst case there is no such thing as browsing an arbitrary Web page, but that would be strange.
    A thing you may try before purchase is do testing with the Remote Device Access service, which has 501-s. The link is http://rda.cellulardata.com. You are just in time for a quick check as the service is going to get shut down in 3 weeks.

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