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    Sending sms from gsm modem to mobile with java2me


    I have the following probleem: I have a gsm modem connected to my pc which I will use to send a data sms to a certain port on my mobile^phone. On this mobile Phone there is a java2me application listening on a port. I succeeded to send data sms messages from mobile Phone to mobile Phone, but when I use a gsm modem and send a data sms message to the mobile Phone by means of AT commands, it arrivés at my mobile Phone as a tekst message in the Inbox of my Phone, which is not what I wanted. Does anyone have an idea how to do this. I think I use the right AT commands for data sms messages with a user header in which I declare the port numbers etc.

    Thx in advance

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    Re: Sending sms from gsm modem to mobile with java2me

    There is nothing to do on the phone side, yes, you can only listen on a port, and regular SMS-s can not be received by Java ME code (in fact it can not even access the Inbox).
    The sending part is what you can modify, to use that specific port. Once I found this particular guide useful: http://www.gsm-modem.de/sms-pdu-mode.html, and the two ETSI standards it refers to.
    You may also want to check other related pages via searching for sms pdu at command with Google (or Bing perhaps).

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    Re: Sending sms from gsm modem to mobile with java2me

    In other words, you need to find out how, with the GSM modem you have connected to your PC, you send SMS to a specific port number (instead of the default port 0, which ends up captured by the Messaging app - Inbox - of the receiving phone.

    If the GSM modem documentation, or the site wizard_hu_ linked to, doesn't say, ask the GSM modem manufacturer for assistance.

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