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    Post [moved] How to take backup of all contacts in a single file

    Hi, all
    I have been trying to get contacts backup for N85

    am using sdk S60 v3 API,Carbide IDE

    here is the code snnipet

    _LIT( KDbTestFileName, "e:\\file.txt" );

    RFs fileSession;
    RFile file;

    if (file.Replace(fileSession, KDbTestFileName, EFileWrite) != KErrNone)
    //failed to create the file
    CleanupStack::PopAndDestroy(); //fileSession



    //open a write stream to the file
    RFileWriteStream outputFileStream(file);

    //open the default contacts database
    CContactDatabase* contactsDb = CContactDatabase::OpenL();

    //create an array of contact IDs to export
    CContactIdArray* exportContacts = CContactIdArray::NewL();

    TContactIter* contactIterator = new (ELeave) TContactIter(*contactsDb);
    TContactItemId contact_id;

    //use a filter to get only contact items (e.g. templates are excluded)
    CCntFilter *filter = CCntFilter::NewLC();

    //create an array to hold all filtered contact items
    CContactIdArray* contactIds;
    contactIds = CContactIdArray::NewLC();

    int i = 0;

    while( (contact_id = contactIterator->NextL() ) != KNullContactId)

    //add given contact(by index) to the array of contact IDs to export
    if((*contactIds).Count() >= i)
    exportContacts->AddL((*contactIds)[i] );


    CleanupStack::PopAndDestroy(2); //contactIds, filter

    //KVersitEntityUidVCard is used to identify a vCard
    TUid uid = TUid::Uid(KVersitEntityUidVCard);
    //contact ID is no exported

    CleanupStack::PopAndDestroy(5); //exportContacts,contactsDb,

    does ExportSelectedContactsL will export only single contact or all the all contatct

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    Re: [moved] How to take backup of all contacts in a single file

    Quote Originally Posted by vignesh_silvanlabs View Post
    does ExportSelectedContactsL will export only single contact or all the all contatct
    The second argument (CContactIdArray, "exportContacts" in your code) specifies what to export. If it contains a single ID, that item will be exported. If it contains all ID-s, all items will be exported.
    I am not sure if exportContacts will really contain anything in this code, as the while-loop with the iterator actually does not use the iterated ID-s. The filter is not used at all.
    Try something like
    TContactIter contactIterator(*contactsDb);
    TContactItemId contact_id;
    while( (contact_id = contactIterator.NextL() ) != KNullContactId)
    (I guess you do not really want to learn Symbian C++ right now, just the short story is that T-types are value types, so there is no need to put them on the heap)

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