I've had a few Nokia Asha's now.......I wanted to get something simpler than a smartphone and they are very well built. They do have their quirks though......sometimes I am surprised these get through the testing....anyway....I digress.........

I've got an Asha 503 - it's really well built. There are some things I think could be improved upon...so here goes:

1) When a call comes in....wouldn't it be better to have a green and red answer button on screen instead of having to swipe down? I find I have missed a few calls trying to swipe the phone down and it not swiping properly. It's most annoying. Answering calls is a fundamental thing in a phone that should be easy to use.

2) Maybe you can do this but it would be good to be able to assign a hardware button to opening the camera app. Sorry if I have missed this and it's possible.

3) It's great having youtube on the phone. It's a bit clunky though. Why should you click on 'Watch Video' to play the video? You should be able to search for a video quickly and then click on the thumbnail picture to play it...at the moment.it requires a few steps to play the video.

4) Can you set a wallpaper on the home screen and pick a jpeg of your own? You can on the lock screen - but the home screen?

5) Sometimes in an app I want to get back to the homepage but don't seem to be able to.......say for example in youtube when I'm watching a video I can't get back to the homepage. I've had to reset the phone once or twice to be able to do it. Hmmmm.

6) It's a bit clunky in the email app having to swipe down to refresh your emails /download new ones. A button on screen would be much better. Swiping on the Asha ain't great! It works but it could be smoother and easier especially in the email app. Also when you send an email with the onscreen keyboard you are then searching for the 'send' button which is hidden by the keyboard! It's not intuitive at all and not good interface design! The send button should be at the top of the screen not at the bottom hidden by a keyboard........what a place to put it!

Ok that's my two cents worth. They are great phones..........hope you still can produce Asha's somehow - we don't all want a Windowsphone thank you!