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    Unhappy Lumia developer offer where is it ?

    Developer Offers for Lumia:
    1 Year Subscription
    Windows Phone Dev Center

    3 Month Indie Plan
    Bugsense Performing Monitoring Solution

    1 Year Subscription
    Infragistics Windows Phone controls

    1 Year Subscription
    Telerik UI for Windows Phone

    Whom do I contact for the above offer ? There is a link which takes me to Dvlup.com/rewards but there is no info there. In fact sometimes 'Lumia developer offer' banner comes up at Dvlup site , which links back to http://developer.nokia.com/lumia/get...veloper-offers . So whom do I contact for Lumia developer offer ?thanks in advance

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    Re: Lumia developer offer where is it ?

    We are closed to new developer offers at this time. As an alternative, please check out Windows Dev Center benefits.


    How can I help?


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