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    Exclamation Contacts from Nokia C2-06 to Nokia X2 - many ERRORS

    1. Contacts transfer:
    * copy only 340 contacts, error bluetooth
    * no Bithday dates

    2. Contact from C2-06 to Nokia X2 via Bluetooth:
    * Bithday dates incorrect

    3. OneDrive - (C2-06 -> Nokia Suite -> OneDrive -> Nokia X2):
    * Nokia Suite -> OneDrive - no year of birth in birthday dates
    * OneDrive -> Nokia X2 - year of birth is 1900 in all contacts

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    Re: Contacts from Nokia C2-06 to Nokia X2 - many ERRORS

    Hi, this particular site focuses more on software development questions. For issues about devices, you may want to look around on http://www.nokia.com/discussions
    While I do not know neither the Nokia C2-06 nor any Nokia X devices, it may happen that things get transferred as text. If this is the case setting the devices to the same date format (practically to the same locale/language) may help.

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