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    What is a .mbg file?

    I'm trying to compile the InfoDialogs example code in the epoc32ex\crystalui\infodialogs directory however it fails due to being unable to locate ""InfoDialogs.mbg"". Is there a step I am missing in creating this app?

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    RE: What is a .mbg file?

    The MBG file is a dynamically created header-file used by the application,
    and often it's resource files.
    You need to create this file by compiling the "multiple bitmap file" (MBM)
    associated with this application.
    You can do this using the bmconv.exe tool in your SDK (which will generate
    the mbg file). See the SDK section on bmconv for more information (it's
    something like bmconv -h or some other similar command line directive).

    I think the v6 sdk's can automatically build the mbg when you do "abld
    build" but this depends on the specific implementation of your mmp file. See
    the SDK sections on the format of MMP files for more information.

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