1. Kindly clarify whether SD (Secured Digital) Memory Card will work on Nokia 3650 or should one go for Nokia 3650? Regarding maximum size of memory card supported, I have seen on some discussion forums that even 256 MB card works quite well. What is the minimum firmware version that will be required for 356 MB and 128 MB respectively? I have version 3.13. Secondly, when I go for the new memory card, will it be possible to get an exact data image of the present 16 MB card using Bluetooth and any explorer software (e.g. Fexplorer)? What I intend to do is to copy each folder on my old memory card as such to the PC using Bluetooth and then transfer it back to the phone with 128 MB card on it. This way, I may not require a memory stick reader/ writer and will also not require installing all the programmes all over again (which have currently been installed on memory card). Am I right in planning it out that way?

2. I find that the Nokia MM Converter compresses a mp3 audio file in to one tenths of its original size (output is in .amr format). I have played both the files (i.e. .mp3 and .amr). There isn't much difference in quality. So will it not be better to have everything in .amr format and save 90% space? Is there a way of compressing a .mp3 on the phone file using compression softwares (such as stacker)?

3. Is Active Desk Themes by www.cibenix.com certified by Nokia for use on Nokia 3650? Their site claims so.

4. In Sony Ericsson T 610 that I had earlier, caller's full picture could be seen on the screen (if it was linked to the caller). Here in Nokia 3650 only a small thumbnail is seen. Is it possible to get caller¡¯s image on the whole screen?

5. Is it possible to disable the default screen saver and use a more colorful third party screen saver? By default only the original screen saver (having text/ date) always runs. Even if I try to reduce the time settings of his third party screen saver, the original screen saver automatically gets set to the same time setting and does not give the new screen saver to run.

6. How is the memory of the phone and memory card apportioned among video, images, messages etc. What is the maximum number of contacts that can be added (with some details) on the phone? Can the contacts be divided in two parts (one in the phone and the other in the memory card)? I can have the regular ones (that have a definite ring tone, picture etc.) on the phone and the remaining ones on the memory card. It is written that the User's Guide that in order to have ring tones, pictures, voice tags, the contacts should be on the phone and not on the sim card. Will such a restriction apply even to contacts on the memory card?

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Sanjeev Gupta