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    Streamed audio content for 3G phones

    I am working on a large scale project regarding audio streaming content providing for 3G phones.

    I would like to have some infos about phone support for these new features.

    My questions include :

    - What will be the codec used for 3G streaming content regarding audio ?

    - What audio quality will be available ?

    - How will the syncing scheme work regarding 3G audio and the network ?

    - Are there already draft available ?

    - Where could we find more infos ?

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    I hope this information is usefull for you:

    We develop a small Bluetooth device that turns any home audio into wireless jukebox. It's works fine over GPRS network with Nokia 3650 phone and we plan to use also 3G phones when available.

    For more info; pleas check our website: www.smartdata.ch

    For product sheet, please email me:
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