I am trying to read individual bytes from SIR port
using "COMM::0" device. First I tried using "glassterm" sample
( I only replaced the port name and added
portSettings (). iSIREnable = ESIREnable;)
It crashed immediately after the first byte was received.
The screen simply faded and device rebooted: no error messages.
TRAPD also had no effect.
The programs works fine under emulator.
I traced the problem to RComm.ReadOneOrMore. If I replace it
by RComm.Read, then I can read raw IR just fine, but I really
need ReadOneOrMore instead of Read, because my app
must respond immediately to every byte.

I tried to search for ReadOneOrMore on this forum as well
on the Web and found no references except for the specification.
Apparently, I am the very first one who ever called this function.
My question is whether it is supposed to work and, if not,
what else I can do to achieve my goal. Or, may be, I just using it incorrectly?

Thank you