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    Developing PC applications which controls Nokia 22 functionality

    Hello everybody.

    We need to implement the next schema using some GSM device. We want to
    use Nokia 22 device. Is it possible to use it to impelement the next :

    We need to control all incoming calls to GSM Sim card put in the Nokia
    22 device. So, when somebody is calling to GSM Sim card which is
    inserted in Nokia 22 device we need the next :

    1) We want Nokia 22 to send callers information to the computer using
    RS 232 com port connection.
    2) Our programm will receive this information and process the data.
    Accroding to the results of processing our program must sent one of
    the next commands back to the Nokia 22 :

    2.1) Command to call back to the client and connect him with the city phone


    2.2) Command to hang up GSM Sim card call

    So, we need Nokia 22 to keep real time connection with our program on
    the computer. To get new events of Nokia 22 device as soon as
    possible (as soon as new GSM Sim card call is received our program
    must receive this information from Nokia 22 device). Also on GSM call
    receiving Nokia 22 mustn't answer the call until the answer from our
    program is received.

    Is it possible to implement this using Nokia 22 device?

    If yes, could you please tell where can we found information about
    working with Nokia 22 device through COM port connection. Where can we
    found data protocol? We need this to write our program for call

    If no, what Nokia device can give us such opportunities ?

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    RE: Developing PC applications which controls Nokia 22 functionality

    Dear Customer,

    when you build up your application, please note following facts regarding Nokia 22:
    - protocol through RS-232 interface is AT commands (refer to AT command manual http://www.nokia.com/phones/productsupport/22/guides.html)
    - when the Nokia 22 is in auto mode, incoming voice calls are always routed to line adapter (extension or trunk interface)
    - incoming data calls are routed to RS-232 interface
    - if you want to see the caller id and call type, give following init command: AT+CLIP=1;+CRC=1
    - alternative data/voice calls are not available (first get the caller id through RS-232, then connect call to trunk- or extension interface: not possible)
    - Nokia 22 can generate the caller id to trunk interface using ETSI FSK or ETSI DTMF signaling (in case of voice call -> routed to trunk interface)

    If you use Nokia 30, you can get the caller id (through RS-232), and then decide if you want to make a voice connection (ATA) or hang up (ATH) the call.

    More information regarding Nokia 30 is available here:
    and also
    http://www.forum.nokia.com/m2mforum/main/1,35452,1_70_20_20,00.html (check at least M2M system connector electrical specification)

    Application development section in Forum Nokia: http://www.forum.nokia.com/main/1,35452,1_70,00.html (registration required).

    Kind Regards,
    M2M developer support team

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