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    6210, Windows 2000, DAU-9P - problems connecting PC Suite 4.05

    I've looked around the forum, and although there are some similar problems to this I don't think anyone has exactly this issue:

    I had Win98, a 6210, DAU-9P (MBUS) cable and PC Suite 4.05. All was good until Windows 98 threw a big tantrum and I installed Win2K (everything else remained the same).

    Now in Connection Manager, I am unable to change COM ports if I have selected DAU-9P (DLR-3P is fine). It says "Changing COM port failed" and it doesn't connect to the phone.

    I can run LogoManager (http://www.logomanager.co.uk) with no problems, so the OS, cable and phone are all fine - it seems like PC Suite Connection Manager doesn't like Windows 2000 and DAU-9Ps. Annoyingly, the latest Suite, 4.06, doesn't seem to support the DAU-9P.

    Any ideas, please? I would have real problems without this facility.

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    RE: 6210, Windows 2000, DAU-9P - problems connecting PC Suite 4.05


    For Nokia 6210 PC connection you should use DLR-3P cable, DAU-9P is only for some Nokia 51xx and 61xx phones. I think that the problem is just caused by the fact that you are using wrong cable for the connection.

    Best regards,

    Marko Tuukkanen
    Forum Nokia

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