I'm trying to save the image from camera as JPEG file. I have a class CBitmapSaver inherited from MMdaImageUtilObserver which has Save(TRequestStatus &aStatus, CFbsBitmap* aBitmap) function that saves the image. I create CMdaImageBitmapToFileUtility object in Save function like this:

iFileSaver->CreateL(KJpegFileName, &iJpegFormat, NULL, NULL);

..then in MiuoCreateComplete(TInt aError) function I start the actual conversion like this:

if (aError==KErrNone)
TRAPD(err, iFileSaver->ConvertL(*iBitmap));
if (err!=KErrNone)
User::Panic(_L("Could not start conversion."), err);

The problem is that I never get the MiuoConvertComplete callback. If I wait a while, the image is succesfully saved and I can view it in Images program but still i'm not getting any events. If I access my programs Options menu, the callback happens. If I try to save another image after the first one, I won't even get the MiuoCreateComplete callback.

Can anyone help me on this one? I have already examined the bitmap manipulation example and couple of message threads here in forum nokia but i have not found any solution yet..

I think these threads deal with the same problem: