I'm planning to write an application which will need to be able to accept a relatively large quantity of text from the user. After playing with a few of the emulators, I see that the 7210 supports T9 predictive text in the Java-accessible textbox although it is not on by default. The 3410, however, does not support T9 input in this box at all.

Also, the 7210 supports multi-line input while the 3410 does not.

What I'd really like to be able to do is use an input field like the text message entry window (with the smaller font) which, on the 7210 supports newlines (which I'm guessing is an MMS feature) but on the 3410 just enables T9 and uses a smaller font.

However, I'm getting the idea that there's not a lot of flexibility when it comes to writing apps in Java for these phones, which is a shame, so my question boils down to this:

Is T9 input available in a TextBox on a real 3410? Is this just an emulator limitation, or is the real phone this annoying?

Thanks in advance for any thoughts on anything I've written.