I finally found away to build for the target ARMI platfrom via Visual C++. Here are the 7 Steps. I think I covered everything:

1) I installed the EPOC toolbar and there is a magnifying glass which says "build project with Memory Tracker". This brings up a dialog to select WINS, ARMI, and THUMB. After you click, the dialog box goes away but its building in the background.

This creates the correct ARMI .APP file in the directory:

If you don't know, The EPOC toolbar can be found in the directory:
Register EpocTools.dll (with %SystemRoot%\System32\RegSvr.exe, of course) and then in Visual Studio, go to the menu - Tools | Customise..., select the Add-ins and Macro files and check the "EPOC Toolbar Add-in" add-in. You'll see the toolbar now.

2) Use that lil' Package button on the EPOC toolbar, select the ARMI radio button and it will create a pkg file for you under the directory (If you are using the Graphics Example like I did):

3) You have to modify the location of the TARGET files because the pkg file set it up as if they were in the \Epoc32\Release\ARMI\UREL directory -- all you have to do is prepend C:\Symbian\6.1\Series60 to them.

4) Then, to make the SIS file, fire up a Dos Prompt and type in:
makesis Graphics.pkg under the directory location referred to in step 2.

5) Transfer the SIS file to your 3650 phone. I have a USB Bluetooth gadget (from the company, Belkin --- GET ONE, they are great and only about $40 I'm connected from my phone to my computer via bluetooth all throughout my house!!) that allows you to right click on any file to send it to any BlueToothed device -- your phone. I'm sure you could use IR too, but I have Bluetooth.

6) If you transferred it the way like I did in step #5, open the message on your phone and it should immediately prompt you to install. Say "YES!!!" and then the lil puzzle icon should appear (if you didn't change it) with the other icons.

7) Click on the icon and run your App. Enjoy!

I noticed that on the actual phone, the application ran A LOT faster than on the Emulator. That makes me feel better because now I know what I can program and what I can't. Expect to see some cool games coming soon!!

- RLord321