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    I'm from China, I want to learn the development in other counters.

    Hello, I'm from China, In China ,in fact J2Me is just begin, few experts can develop some J2Me products, so i want to know the development of J2Me abroad.

    also, i want to study j2me, how can i start, should i learn J2se,j2ee first?

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    Learning J2ME


    I'd certainly consider learning J2SE first... though I'm sure some people would disagree. May I ask, what is your background in programming? What languages on what platforms, for example?


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    I have learned J2ME without having prior knowledge in Java.
    However, I have had an extensive expeirince with C++

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    Since J2ME is a subset of java there should be no problem with you picking up J2ME first..

    Some recommeded reading other than Nokia tutorials is:

    Thinking in Java by Bruce Eckel(search fro the free online version via goolge)

    Micro Java Game Development by Fox and Verhovesk

    Java 2 Micro Edition by White and Hemphill

    Wireless Java by Knudsen

    Also register as JDC emmber at java.sun.com so you download the BOFs from JavaOne2001, 2002, 2003 on J2ME..yes they have sample code..

    Best bet is to start out small do a casual game frist..one that you the end use rplay in free time with not many levels or complexity..

    Money wise submit to lump sum 3rd party publishers such as Nokia first..those tha tpay per quarter to developer per download 2nd..

    Use core MIDp1.0 features with othe rfeatue soptional to maximize porting for maximization of sales channel revenue..

    For other tips there are at least 2 J2ME game coders doign tips and posting them to blogs that show up at javablogs.com....yes I am one of them

    To get programmign book money sign up for free monthly contests at devicetop.com(they cover more itv stuff but alos J2ME for handsets)

    bookmark all vendor handset dev forums and visit them regularly along with bug databses of J2ME at Sun and at handset vendors..

    Ask questions..

    Other sites:


    java.net(left sidebar..javagaming link go to homepage and click on forums they have a j2me section you need to register as free member)


    Oh yeah one more point.. we at times get frustrated at coding difficulties and such..while we can yell at problems in forums.. make sure to treat your vendor handset tech reps like gold..they are valuable resources for both tech info/workarounds and the info you need to sell your games as they know what telecom operators are asking for..

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